Corporations vs. Georgia

Corporations have gone to war against Georgia.

Worse, corporations have gone to war against America. This was easily predicted.

Most Americans have developed a mental false dichotomy regarding politics and corporations.

One one side are the pro-corporate Republicans hell bent on ensuring their big business buddies get as many kick backs as possible.

On the other side are Democrats fighting “for the people” against big corporations and their nasty habits of income inequality.

Only one of these statements are true, and it has nothing to do with the Democrats.

Corporations love big government and big government loves corporations. We don’t have an anti-corporation party in government, and have not had one in a long time.

Republicans generally love corporations but so do Democrats. What they both really want is a as much corporate  money stuffed into their pockets as possible. That’s why every spending bill has billions of dollars allotted to various corporate welfare schemes.

State capitalism cannot exist without the State. Hamilton won a long time ago.

That’s why this latest round of woke capitalism against Georgia was telegraphed back in the nineteenth century. John Taylor of Caroline, the most Jeffersonian of all the Jeffersonians, warned against big government and big business creating a Frankenstein for a child.

That is the modern swamp in D.C.

Richard B. Ransom wrote a very good essay against “corporate personhood” in Who Owns America? in 1936. No one listened then and no one is listening now.

Mitch McConnell immediately walked back his tepid attack on woke corporate America after realizing his party has been bosom buddies with corporations for decades. More likely they threatened to pull some cash from his war chest.

As Ransom pointed out in his essay, corporations are a threat to American society, not just the American economy, particularly if we treat them as “persons.”

It’s also the direct result of a judicial system that has bowed to corporations for a long time, and in particular a federal judiciary that is more responsible than any government department for expanding the legal role of corporations in American life.

Where are the Old Republicans when you need them?

I discuss the issue in Episode 423 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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