Court Packing is Infrastructure

In a social media post last week, Congressman Mondaire Jones called court packing “infrastructure.”

You can’t make up this kinds of stupid, but the left certainly tries.

This is part of a dedicated campaign to redefine virtually every element of American society. If you erase the names and historical understanding of words, places, events, etc., you control the narrative.

This is Orwellian in its purest form. Ignorance is strength!

It’s hard not to laugh on all of this nonsense. If we lived in reality everyone would.

But these people have power, and if they are able to pull off their naked power grab at the federal level, they may be unstoppable.

Everyone knows they want to erase voter ID because it makes it easier to cheat.

Everyone knows they want to pack the Supreme Court so their legislative agenda is never ruled unconstitutional.

Everyone knows they want to abolish the Senate and the Electoral College so they don’t have any State centered obstacles to legislative or executive power.

Everyone knows this is coming. But no one knows how to stop it.

Unless we all knew about nullification and decentralization, the key to the entire federal system.

Madison outlined nullification in Federalist No. 46 and then followed through with the Virginia Resolves. Yet, this wasn’t the first time Americans used nullification to resist unconstitutional acts by a central government.

When Americans, North and South, refused to comply with the Stamp Act in 1765, they nullified that act of Parliament.

Some members of the founding generation even talked about “jury nullification” as a way to check arbitrary power.

This all starts with education. Americans need to avoid dimwits like the Governor of Arkansas who worried that a tough nullification bill from his legislature would violate the “supremacy clause.”

Such a man doesn’t deserve to be the governor of any State.

Court packing is a problem and has always been threatened by the progressives, be it Republicans or Democrats, when the lunatic agenda couldn’t get through Congress.

Nancy Pelosi called the latest court packing scheme dead on arrival, but if Joe Biden’s recently created commission on federal courts recommends the expansion of the Supreme Court, all bets are off.

Both she and Joe know that the American public smells a rat, and they are playing the long game. Oppose it now, but then come out for it when “experts” say its necessary.

I discuss court packing in Episode 427 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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