Democracy Dies from Stupidity

You might remember the Washington Post slogan that “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

This was an attack on the Trump administration and the perception that Trump peddled lies and false narratives.

Democrats and those on the Left firmly believed that they were fighting the forces of evil and that only they could save “democracy.”

Except democracy is structurally bound to fail.

Why? Because “Democracy Dies in Stupidity.”

And most Americans today don’t have a clue about civics or the way the United States government is supposed to work.

Take for example a recent piece at NPR by Mara Liasson. “Democrats Increasingly Say American Democracy is Sliding Toward Minority Rule.

As you might imagine, the focus of the piece is the “undemocratic” Senate. You see, these nincompoops think Senators represent “people.”

That would be news to the founding generation. They designed the Senate to represent “States.” Every proponent of the Constitution made that clear during the ratification process.

But our brilliant establishment leftist overlords don’t know that, and if they do, don’t want you to know that.

It undermines their narrative. The Leftist twit Ian Millhiser Tweets “abolish the Senate” nearly once a week.

It is a threat to their conception of good government, and by good government they mean “more Democratic” or better able to advance their stupid agenda.

The Constitution was designed to be anti-democratic. That was also made clear during the ratification process.

The left may not like it, but it’s true. It’s also remarkable that the Left complains about “minority rule.” You would think such compassionate people would worry about minorities. After all, they stake their social justice agenda on just that.

So why would they complain about “minority rule” when checks and balances are there to protect minorities?

These aren’t their minorities. These are mostly white working class, rural Americans who scoff at their agenda. In other words, these are the deplorables.

And they have to be stopped, else real democracy is in peril.

Except it isn’t. We still have real elections at the State and local level every year. That is closer to real democracy than voting for a fool for Congress.

Plus, the Senate, even watered down after the 17th Amendment, still serves a purpose. It keeps the States in the legislative process.

That was the key to the Constitution. The document would not have been ratified without such assurances.

The problem, of course, is education. If more Americans understood original intent, they would laugh at such propaganda from NPR. These are your tax dollars at work.

Comforting, I know.

I discuss this ridiculous article in Episode 460 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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