Did McCarthy Destroy the House?

Leftist journalist Dana Milbank at the Washington Post thinks that Kevin McCarthy “destroyed the House” in order to save himself.

This is what passes for serious content these days.

To Leninists like Milbank, any deviation from the Party line is subject to ostracism, ridicule, and scorn.

How are those 20 Republicans took a stand against the establishment!

I loved every minute of the process. We should have real debates in Congress over the future direction of the United States, not some rubber stamp from the few oligarchs in power who decide what the rest of the plebs have to endure.

The 20 “rebels”, as the mainstream press began calling them, exhibited a willingness to be a real deliberative body, something the founding generation thought was important when they sat in Congress.

I won’t hold my breath that these people will remain steadfast in their principles, particularly when it has come to light that two of the women “renegades” in Congress had a high school shouting match in the ladies room, but it’s a start.

We are a long way from Calhoun, Clay, and Webster, let alone any member of the founding generation.

I don’t think the founding generation could see a day when we could have a “debate” between Lauren Boebert and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Or Hakeem Jeffries and Kevin McCarthy. Jeffries made all the progressives swoon when he recited his ABCs from the speaker’s platform.

How erudite.

McCarthy isn’t much better. Publicity images showing him holding the speaker’s gavel like a dopey tourist were hilarious.

Maybe the new rules will hold him accountable, but like I’ve said before, when you trust Republicans to do the right thing, you’ll almost always be disappointed.

I discuss Milbank and McCarthy on Episode 761 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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