Did Reconstruction Create American “Gun Culture”?

What created American “gun culture”?

If you listen to dimwits like Nick Buttrick, the South.

More specifically, wait for it, SLAVERY.

You see, gun culture was born out of white Southern fear of black people.

They started packing heat because they hated blacks and feared for their lives after the War.

Buttrick argues that before the “Civil War,” Americans did not really own firearms. They were more ornamental pieces to hang over the fireplace or to control rodents.

Only after all of the bloodletting of the 1860s and the racism of Southern society in postbellum America did “gun culture” become an important part of American society.

This piece was stupid from the title onward.

Buttrick is a psychology professor who doesn’t know or understand American history.

In fact, the basis of his entire premise is a book that has been debunked not only by his straw man gun toting right wingnut who uses dog whistles to call to other racists, but left wing academics who ripped apart the entire narrative.

The funniest part? Buttrick cites an essay that blows apart his thesis as evidentiary support.

You can’t make up Buttrick’s kind of stupid.

The attempt to blame the South for everything leftists consider “evil” in America is common in the academy.

It’s also embarrassing and intellectually dishonest.

I discuss Buttrick on Episode 739 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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