Did the Declaration Create the Anti-Slavery Movement?

Jon Meacham is one of the worst Lincoln worshipers in America.

His latest book on Lincoln is pure garbage.

But every establishment dope wants his approval.

Take for example Professor Manisha Sinha. She has been featured on major cable television shows and has won awards for her work on slavery. She is the establishment’s establishment.

Yet, she thinks she is underappreciated, that is until Jon Meacham mentioned her in a recent book review for the New York Times.

This is how these people operate. They sit around waiting for someone with a name to point out their “brilliance.” Why? Because they are insecure, thin skinned activists playing historian.

The funniest part? These people don’t realize they are all on the same team, even the “conservatives” among them.

Meacham spent the entire book review taking apart Ron DeSantis for claiming that the Declaration of Independence created the anti-slavery movement in America.

This coming from a man who thinks Lincoln walked on water because he made the case that the Declaration of Independence created the anti-slavery movement in America.

He has to differentiate himself from those evil conservatives, the same conservatives who believe in the same righteous cause Lincoln myth.

Meacham pointed to earlier anti-slavery movements in America while leaving out some really important details, most importantly that even after 1776 most Americans tolerated slavery and nearly all were what we would call racists today.

That was the case long before the Declaration as well, even among our glorious New England saints who spoke about the evils of slavery while making large amounts of money on the slave trade and Caribbean slave plantations.

As I’ve said for a long time now, action speaks louder than words, and Americans may have made lofty statements about “equality” but no one really believed it.

Nor did they define it the way we do today.

That is another story.

I love these kinds of stupid essays because they provide great Podcast fodder. I discuss Meacham’s essay on Episode 770 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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