Don’t Spit on Your Ancestors’ Graves

Last week I talked about the situation with Ann McLane and the witch hunt in Virginia to take her down.

It worked.

McLane resigned from her appointed position, probably at the instance of the spineless governor. We should have expected as much.

Youngkin is just another establishment Republican. I pegged him for that a while back.

But the real issue at hand is something bigger, and the woke mob will never be satisfied until they can claim every scalp on their list.

They want all of us canceled.

And they really want you to spit on the graves of your ancestors. That results in a cultural reset in America.

We must accept the establishment narrative of American history or face expulsion from polite society, and in some cases, from our jobs.

But you see, this establishment history is just another interpretation based on the way the Radical Republicans viewed the world in the 1850s (more on that in my next class at McClanahan Academy).

History is complex, just as there are multiple views in history and among historical figures.

Ann McLane is a heretic because she dared challenge the standard narrative of Abraham Lincoln and the War.

The same thing the “Copperheads” did in the 1860s.

Ever heard of them? You have because you are on this list, but most Americans know nothing about Lincoln’s opponents.

I wonder why.

You see, if we truly want “complexity” and “contextualization” in American history, then every historical figure should be up for debate, not just those that the woke left want to target.

That includes Honest Abe. One dopey journalist thought McLane should be fired because she compared Putin to Lincoln. To him, that was her greatest offense. You can’t do that to St. Abraham.

The Copperheads said far worse, which is why they have also been canceled by mainstream academics.

I would surmise the majority of Americans still don’t want cancel culture and are still willing to listen to complexity, even if the left and the neoconservatives don’t want it.

Of course, my advice, just as Bill Kauffman wrote recently, is not to spit on your ancestor’s graves.

I discuss Kauffman’s piece on episode 680 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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