Fascist Fraud

I called Franklin D. Roosevelt a “Fascist Fraud” in my The Politically Incorrect Guide to Real American Heroes. Why? Because the New Deal program and its implementation contained the essential elements of national socialism. This was pointed out in the 1930s, but World War II erased any lingering trace of this kind of thinking. To oppose Roosevelt became paramount to treason. In the meantime, the governmental apparatus necessary to perpetuate New Deal fascism became entrenched and now it is almost impossible to rid the central government of its malignant tumors.

I list FDR as one of the “9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America” in my forthcoming book by the same title for this reason. I think the historian John T. Flynn summarized the New Deal best in his 1944 book “As We Go Marching”:

[The New Deal] is born in crisis, lives on crisis, and cannot survive the era of crisis. By the very law of its nature it must create for itself, if it is to continue, fresh crises from year to year. Mussolini came to power in the postwar crisis and became himself a crisis in Italian life….Hitler’s story is the same. And our future is all charted out upon the same turbulent road of permanent crisis.”

Just take a gander at the news and you can see this has been proven correct. Every issue is a crisis that needs State intervention to solve: terrorism, education, poverty, racism, banking, jobs, etc. Both sides of the American political spectrum (if there are truly two sides) have bought into it and thus make political headway because of it. It breeds psychopathic power hungry politicians.

The answer is small. Focus on hearth and home, community, and local then State government. If we stop buying the latest “crisis” the pitch will lose its political capital.

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