Florida’s Riot Act

Florida is reading leftist losers the riot act.

I love it.

They hate it.

Ron DeSantis has been doing a great job pushing back against wokism for the last several months and in the process has taken on the corporate press and all the sludge it drags with it.

Most normal Americans would look at the Florida anti-rioting act and think, “Sure, we shouldn’t allow people to destroy public property, block highways, harass people in outdoor eating areas, or force people to say or do certain things through threats of violence (of course they are fine if the government does it).”

And frankly, that is exactly what this bill accomplishes. If you block a highway without a permit, you get arrested. If you bring a megaphone to an outdoor cafe and demand people yell “Black Lives Matter” through threats of violence, you get arrested. If you tear down or vandalize a monument, you get arrested.

You know what won’t get you arrested? Holding an actual PEACEFUL protest.

Common sense, right?

Not to leftist dimwits. Just like most people with common sense think you should show an ID to vote. Not to leftist dimwits.

This isn’t really a “law and order” bill; it’s a common sense bill that most people think should already be happening.

The really funny part is the provision that opens local government to lawsuits if they refuse to put an end to riots.

So, let’s say our “mostly peaceful but fiery” leftist revolutionaries decide to burn down a city block and “liberate” the stores of their property and the city government, say Miami, refuses to do anything about it. According to this law, the entire city government is open to litigation for failing to protect the lives and property of the people being affected.

That’s why leftists hate this bill. It makes their entire violent agenda not only illegal (it always has been) but opens them up to massive lawsuits.

DeSantis has said he fully intends to fight every challenge to the bill. Good. Every State with mostly normal citizens should follow suit, and those who live in States with stupid governments should make it their goal to agitate as much as possible to get something like this done in your neighborhood.

Florida didn’t wait for the dopes in D.C. to do anything about lawlessness in the Sunshine State. It would never happen, so they took care of it.

We should all stand up an applaud, and then ask our legislators to do the same thing.

I discuss Florida’s bill in Episode 432 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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