God Save the (American) King?

The pomp and circumstance following Queen Elizabeth II’s death provided a once in a lifetime spectacle.

Tradition trumped modernism.

Just about everyone enjoyed watching the show. Some leftists and grumpy woke idiots chimed in to offer their tired “white supremacy” opinions, and certainly the Irish were not impressed, but overall the ceremony was well received. Over five billion people watched it.

That, more than anything else, speaks to the power of the British Empire.

This led me to think about a growing monarchist movement among some American conservatives, or at the very least, a call for a centralized right wing American nation.

That would be the most un-American thing imaginable.

In fact, the founding generation worked hard to avoid a monarchy, with Washington outright rejecting calls for his elevation to an elected king.

You know why? Because as George Mason argued, an elected monarchy is the worst kind. Americans have never had a hereditary aristocracy and extreme centralization would more likely lead to a left-wing fascist government than a limited constitutional monarchy.

Of course, we do have political dynasties, but does anyone want the Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, or some other American “elite” family elevated to a hereditary position?

That should be a rhetorical question.

Or how about Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos? Or the Rockefellers? No thanks.

Rather than an favoring an “American nation,” conservatives need to embrace the federal republic the majority of the founding generation fought to establish and preserve. Don’t let the Straussians and neoconservatives fool you.

Nationalism has never been an American “conservative” position.

I discuss the issue of an American “monarchy” on episode 709 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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