Guelzo’s Gettysburg Address

Allen Guelzo is perhaps my least favorite establishment historian.

That’s saying something.

Conservatives love him. He has a great radio or documentary voice and speaks with authority. He is intelligent and holds the right views on a number of issues.

But “conservatives” like Guelzo have a fatal flaw that will always result in enhancing the left.

They can’t help but praise Lincoln and a “nationalist” vision of America.

And for Guelzo and these “conservatives,” the Gettysburg Address is like God giving Moses the Ten Commandments.

It has become American scripture.

Consider a recent piece at the Wall Street Journal.

Guelzo even compares it to some type of religious document, something too grand for mortal eyes to see at the time but through careful study we can now find its brilliance.

It was terrible then and it is terrible now, a shabby piece of historical claptrap that meant nothing.

I produced this video on the Gettysburg Address a few years ago, and I have a class at McClanahan Academy on the Declaration (click the link below for 30% off). They are a double barrelled assault on Guelzo’s fake history.

But I also thought it presented a great opportunity for a Podcast, so I discuss Guelzo’s Gettysburg Address on Episode 738 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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