How To Solve America’s Anger Problem

Americans are angry. They are angry at their government, their neighbors, their schools, their football team–particularly if you aren’t an Alabama or Georgia fan. Or perhaps you’re angry at the SEC or the PC stupidity from modern universities.

Some of this is rational. Universities are a cultural wasteland, and in the South are now governed by a carpetbagging bunch of idiots.

Americans also should not be content with the path the United States is taking regarding a host of issues. Our freedoms have been continually circumscribed and most of us not only feel powerless to stop it–impotent–we ARE powerless to stop it.

Our representative ratio is so bad no one in the founding generation would think we have real “representative government” in the United States.

And with Americans treating politics as a religion, it’s no wonder their impotence has made them lash out at the other side, violently at times.

There is a solution. It’s called decentralization, and it’s the core of the American tradition. It could take the form of real federalism, or it might be nullification or the forbidden word of secession. More Americans are coming around to the idea that we can’t fix the other side, so instead of fighting it out for a one-size fits all Leviathan in D.C., why don’t we just have an amicable divorce.

You see, these decentralist paths are peaceful. That’s the dirty little secret and why no one should worship at the altar of Honest Abe.

We didn’t need a war in 1861 or 1776 for that matter. We don’t need one now, and we shouldn’t be praising men like Grant and Sherman who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of men to “save a Union.”

That’s not a just war. It never was, no matter how many times the morons who spout the “treasury of counterfeit virtue” claim it to be.

I discuss modern American anger management in episode 522 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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