Is Real America Progressive?

The idiotic neoconservative Max Boot recently penned a piece claiming that real America is in fact blue America.

You know, drag queens and blue haired zoomers.

He may not be wrong. This leads to an important questions: has America ever really been “conservative”?

Louis Hartz argued that America could never claim a real conservative tradition.

That may be true on the macro level, as an monolithic “America” has never existed. But on the micro level, there have always been conservative communities in America.

American “conservationism” has at its core a reliance on real federalism to protect the interests of regional cultures.

We know by the 1830s, Calhoun recognized that the Southerners would never be the majority section, which is why he formulated the “concurrent majority.” This would, in his mind, protect the conservative minority of the United States from numerical majoritarian democracy.

The left has always relied on “democracy” because they know they can generally obtain the 50% plus one needed to win.

No one can dispute that the Democrats have a clear numerical majority in America, and judging from the positions of modern American “conservatives”, there is very little hope doubt that the Radical Republican agenda of the mid-nineteenth century (the leftists of their day) have achieved a complete victory over real American conservatism.

This is why R.L. Dabney lambasted American “conservatism” in 1897. It conserves nothing and continues to promote the discarded fads of the Left.

Max Boot fits right in.

Regardless, the Left has clear control of major cities in the United States and several States. It has won the popular vote in the last several presidential elections. Leftist calls to eliminate the Electoral College, the Senate, and now the Supreme Court are only being made because they now feel secure they can win indefinitely with numerical majoritarianism, at least at the “national” level.

Polling suggests that a majority of Americans now accept several leftist positions in the culture war. But not in every State.

The media ensures that “wokism” will continue to be shoved down everyone’s throat.

Which makes Calhoun and thinking locally and acting locally that much more important today.

You can still protect your community from these jerks. Let Boot and his new blue friends stay in Massachusetts or New York.

Many Americans have already bolted. This is for the best. A division, balkanization if you will, would produce a better and happier America.

Let Alabama and Texas be Alabama and Texas and keep the loons in New England and the left coast.

This is the way.

I discuss Boot’s essay on episode 698 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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