Is Trump’s Indictment Good for the GOP?

Could Trump’s indictment be good for the GOP in 2024?

This is a bold assertion based on the belief that Trump will be forced to support whomever gets the nomination–if he doesn’t–because only a Republican president would dare pardon him.

I don’t necessarily buy it.

Trump doesn’t seem to be taking the entire matter seriously, and I’m not certain he would see any jail time regardless of the legal outcome.

And as I have suggested before, if the GOP does move away from Trump, he will run third party.

Trump is and has always been about Trump.

A Republican president still might pardon Trump even if he bolts the GOP, simply because they would be pushing back against a “weaponized” justice department.

Of course, this would imply that the justice department was not weaponized before Biden took office, and anyone who has followed politics for any period of time knows this isn’t true.

Just as anyone with a brain knows that the FBI, CIA, and other “intelligence agencies” have always been used for politically partisan purposes.

Same for the IRS.

That is the point. Power.

Americans on the “right” are waking up to this fact and crying foul.

Those on the “left” who used to worry about being hounded by the FBI are realizing how fun it can be to use it to harm their political opponents.

Calhoun explained that this is always the result of “numerical majoritarianism.” Those in power will use the levers of power to force their agenda while those on the sidelines will squawk about the Constitution–that is until they get power.

The real causalities are ordinary Americans who never have power and won’t get power.

You see, the GOP is just a softer version of the modern Jackasses.

They want power, too, and don’t care much about their constituents once they get it.

See Alabama Representative Mike Rogers and his acceptance of the “Naming Commission”‘s woke agenda because it funneled money into Alabama defense contractors, his real constituents.

Who cares about the thousands of people in his district that oppose the woke stupidity of the “Naming Commission.” They don’t slap down six figures for his toupee fund.

If you feel irrelevant at the federal level, you are.

That’s why I’ve been preaching think locally, act locally for years.

The net takeaway from Trump’s indictment should be simple.

The general government is corrupt and relying on other corrupt people to change it is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

I discuss Trump’s indictment on Episode 841 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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