It’s Presidents Day [SIC]

“Presidents Day” is here again. Time to grab a sofa or some other piece of furniture and reflect on the blessings of the imperial presidency.

Or not.

Of course, “Presidents Day” does not officially exist, though some States have adopted that language. It makes it easy to lump all of the criminals into one batch and impeach the lot.

Many people have asked me who I think are the best and worst presidents. I made a couple of videos on YouTube for that reason.

Check them out. My 5 worst and my 5 best.  You could also pick up my book on the 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America.

And speaking of evaluating the presidents, if you want more than quick hits, check out my class on “The American Presidents” at McClanahan Academy. I cover every president from Washington to Trump along with Jefferson Davis.

You’re also in luck, because right now I have slashed 25% off ALL of my courses at McClanahan Academy. Just use the coupon code PRESIDENTS at check out and get this great deal.

Now, on to Warren Harding. Ryan Walters has a great new book out on this underrated president, The Jazz Age President.

It’s a fun and punchy read that has already driven the right people nuts, i.e. the leftists who can’t stand executive restraint.

Today offered a good time to talk about Walters’s book and Warren Harding, so I did both on episode 585 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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