Joe Biden vs. Jimmy Carter

Welcome to the new establishment Republican talking point: Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter 2.0.

When I tell people I wrote a book about bad presidents, the first question I usually get is something like this: “Is Jimmy Carter at the top of your list?”

No. He doesn’t even make the top fifteen worst presidents.

Carter was a symptom of the disease in office, but as a man was one of the finest people to ever live in the White House.

He is an authentic Southern gentlemen who will be the last farmer to ever hold the office.

That says a lot.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is a charlatan, a demagogue, and a power hungry politician who was willing to cheat his way to the Oval Office.

And I’m not talking about 2020. Just look at his 1987 campaign where even the Democrats dumped him because he was a literal plagiarist.

Biden would not be anyone significant without his “service” in Washington D.C.

Carter would still have been an important man without politics.

This piece does a nice job explaining how Carter was the better president–and unquestionably is the better man, even today.

It also gave me some great podcast fodder, so I take on Biden vs. Carter on episode 653 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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