Kamala the Irrelevant

Following Charlemagne’s death in the 9th century, most Frankish kings did not have grand titles. The Franks became very good at naming kings for their shortcomings: Charles the Bald, Charles the Fat, Louis the Sluggard. This continued into the modern era. Francis I was known as “Francis the Big Nose.”

Perhaps we should adopt this practice in the United States.

The Vice-Presidency is an irrelevant position, so much so that until the twentieth century, the Vice President usually stayed home unless the Senate was in session. That was his one constitutional job.

Americans have come to believe that the Vice-Presidency is something like a co-president, a person who can be given tough tasks and can use all the powers of the American monarchy to solve climate change or stop illegal immigration.

It’s largely a ceremonial position. John Adams called it worthless.

But this hasn’t stopped the media from attempting to prop up Kamala Harris and make her something she isn’t.

Her incompetence in the position is actually refreshing. Perhaps it will make Americans realize we shouldn’t pay much attention to the this worthless job.

Kamala’s title should be “Kamala the Irrelevant.” That would be better than the salacious titles she earned moving up in her career–though probably no less accurate.

I discuss Harris and the Vice-Presidency on Episode 551 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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