Leftists Are Really Stupid

Sometimes you just have to bathe in the left’s stupidity.

Take for example their current assault on the federal courts.

You see, their entire political agenda has only been possible because of the federal court system.

When the Supreme Court seemed intent on undoing FDR’s New Deal, he pressured the Court to buckle and they did. The entire agenda should have been declared unconstitutional.

Progressive Hugo Black gave us the faulty doctrine of incorporation.

The Warren and Burger Courts codified the Great Society and Civil Rights movement under vague definitions of “constitutional rights.”

In other words, no Supreme Court, no leftist victories.

Which makes their current hand wringing over the Court laughable.

Of course, their attacks have a subtle qualification. Progressives want the Congress to remove the Court’s ability to invalidate federal law, but they also want to ensure that the Court can negate State law.

This is the exact opposite of what was argued during the ratification process.

In fact, the founding generation explicitly rejected a federal negative of State law, which is exactly what these nincompoops want.

They correctly understand that the States have always been the real obstacles to their Utopian idealism. Why? Because States reflect the political culture of their own constituents, not those form others States or sections.

There is a word for this: federalism.

And it’s beautiful.

Unless you are a progressive. Then Yankee imperialism is the only thing that matters. The endgame is power.

I discuss this idiocy on Episode 831 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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