Lincoln Wasn’t Conservative

Tim Scott has announced he’s thinking about running for president.

We’re at that point in American politics. Let everyone know you are “thinking about it” so you can raise money.

A lot of money. We will be in the “billion dollar” campaign territory very soon.

Scott’s first fundraising video was filmed at Ft. Sumter.

You see, Scott argues that Ft. Sumter defined American history because this is where the bad guys eventually lost.

Lincoln saved the day and the United States became the proposition nation.

“Conservatives” have been using this selling point for several decades.

And it’s stupid.

You know how we know this? Because leftists know that Lincoln and the Republicans weren’t conservative.

Take this Scott hit piece at The New Yorker.

From the piece:

“The Confederacy, of course, was the most profoundly conservative political movement in U.S. history. Its spokesmen constantly evoked ancient and early modern precedents — from the slave-based “democracy” of Athens to the aristocratic Cavaliers of the English Civil War and the enslaving founders of our own republic. But claiming the violent suppression of the Confederacy for conservatives isn’t Scott’s only 180-degree departure from reality.”

Now, the progressives can’t wait to equate conservative with slavery, but the piece correctly identifies the conservative nature of the South and their rock solid understanding of history. It was the progressive Lincoln and the radical Republicans that stood apart from history.

By trying to make the 1860s Republicans “conservative,” the West Coast Straussians and their infectious intellectual disease have destroyed American conservatism. That is where Scott gets this nonsense.

But don’t fear. This is why you listen to my show.

As usual, I destroy the bad Straussian arguments on Episode 812 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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