Local Political Activism 101

A friend of mine has been knee deep in local political activism for the last several months. The government in his State has only recently seen the light and started opening the economy. In other words, they were living in the dark ages while those of us in real America had long ago been able to do just about anything we want.

He has formed a group of like minded people, and they regularly meet and plan events to voice their opposition to government tyranny.

He is doing real political work.

I always get emails from people asking if they should run for Congress.


Run for your local school board. Run for city council or county council. Run for code enforcer or dog catcher, but don’t run for Congress.

You can’t fix stupid, and Congress is stupid.

Even when they are right, no one will pay attention, and even when the sun shines on their stupidity they won’t face any consequences. See Rand Paul vs. Commissar Fauci.

A recent piece at LewRockwell.com provided a step by step process for winning a local election.

It isn’t hard. If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can gather enough votes to win a primary, you can win a local election.

If this show and my email list could do one thing, I would have it influence enough people to win local elections across the United States and change where they live. Not the world. Their hometown. When that happens, no one will care about Uncle Joe and the dopes in D.C.

The best revenge against these losers is to treat them like they don’t matter. They really don’t. They are petty tyrants who feed off the fame of being a politician.

Be the resistance. Win a local office and start changing things at the real grassroots level.

I discuss local political activism 101 in episode 454 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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