Mark Levin is Really Bad at History

Mark Levin is really bad at history.

In one of his rants over the weekend, Levin took the time to promote his forthcoming book, The Democrat Party Hates America.

Now, more most American conservatives, this is read meat. I agree with some of his assessment.

But the devil is in the details.

You see, Levin blames every “evil” in American history on Democrats while the Republicans were just good morally righteous saints.

This is important. To Levin and other conservatives, the issue is always R vs. D.

If we just had more Republicans in office, things would be alright.

And to Levin and people like Victor Davis Hanson, the evil bogeyman is always the Confederacy and Jefferson Davis, which makes them exactly like the left whom they seem to despise.

If you are trumpeting Abraham Lincoln as a conservative, you are already playing a losing game.

Republicans worked hard in the 1850s to make it clear they were the real “white man’s party.”

They wanted the western territories for free white labor alone. Blacks were persona non grata.

By law.

Let that sink in.

Lincoln made it clear throughout his political career that while he opposed slavery, he was not interested in racial egalitarianism.

Plus, if you are looking for the origins of “Jim Crow,” don’t look to the South as Levin and others ridiculously claim.

Levin argues that legal segregation only came about because of the evil Southern Democrats hiding under the bed and in the closet. BOO!

That is sophomoric at best and stupid at worst.

As I discussed earlier this year, “Jim Crow” began in Northern States and was promoted by Northerners even after the War. Both Whigs and Democrats believed in racial separation, with perhaps only about 10% of the entire New England population on board with racial equality.

When Levin cites the Plessy v. Ferguson case as the definitive example of Southern DEMOCRAT evil, he omits that the majority opinion was written by a New England born Republican, Henry Brown, and that seven of the nine members of the Supreme Court were nominated by Republicans.

Don’t let facts get in the way of being stupid.

I could go on, but this type of simplistic R vs. D nonsense is the byproduct of a poor American education system.

And the fact that Levin had to state several times that his book is “scholarly” and “well-researched” is cover for the fact that it isn’t.

It did give me some great Podcast fodder.

I take apart dopey Levin on Episode 843 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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