Missouri Nullification and Texas Secession

An Obama appointed federal judge has declared a Missouri law in opposition to federal gun control to be unconstitutional.


This argument is the weakest in the national arsenal. Even Hamilton said unconstitutional federal legislation should not be enforced, and Hamilton never met a nationalist argument he didn’t like.

It never stops dopes from being dopes, even when they have law degrees and wear black robes.

Heck, Obama claims to be a “constitutional scholar”, and I have a hard time believing he fully understands real originalism.

Most don’t.

Then we have Texas. A Texas State legislator has proposed a bill requiring a vote on Texas secession.

The result was predictable. A Republican automaton masquerading as a “conservative Texan” took to Twitter to declare that anyone who supports this bill is committing treason and sedition against the United States.

When people pointed out that the Texas State Constitution explicitly contains language that would lend to secession arguments, he doubled down saying that the Texas Constitution also made it clear that Texas could never leave the Union because it mentions the supremacy of the United States Constitution.

Clearly this mentally challenged “lawyer” can’t get it that if the general government is abusing the United States Constitution, then Texas would be doing the proper thing by leaving. Nothing is supreme if it is unconstitutional.

He also doesn’t seem to understand reserved powers, but I don’t blame him for that. They don’t really teach that in law schools.

Both of these issues allowed me to explain how both the left and right fail Constitution 101 on a regular basis.

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