Monuments to White Supremacy?

Yesterday was Memorial Day. Most Americans don’t know three facts about the holiday:

1. It originated in the South to honor Confederate (and Union) dead.

2. The day became an officially recognized holiday because GAR commander John Logan copied the Southern event in 1868.

3. John Logan helped push through the legislation that prohibited blacks from living in Illinois in 1853.

In other words, the man who wanted a “Union” decoration day was a notorious racist before the War.

John Logan has two monuments in his honor, one in Washington D.C., the other in Chicago.

I wonder when the woke social justice warriors are going to demand the destruction of his monument. After all, we’ve been told that monuments to “white supremacists” need to be removed.

Or how about the Lincoln Memorial. Yesterday also marked the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Memorial.

Lincoln infamously stated he considered whites to be superior to blacks and never advocated racial equality.

Again, when are the wrecked balls going to be taken to the Lincoln Memorial?

I won’t hold my breath. The real reason Confederate monuments have been destroyed has nothing to do with race. They are the low hanging fruit in the culture war and distract from the real failures of stupid leftist governments.

Don’t you know, New Orleans is a modern dump because of Lee Circle?

Richmond can’t keep clamp down on crime because of Monument Avenue. I’m sure the statistics are going to reflect this.

The stupidity and hypocrisy of these woke losers would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad, and if well meaning Americans weren’t so easily duped.

I discuss the Logan monuments and the Lincoln Memorial on episode 642 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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