Musk’s Internal Improvements

Most Americans probably think that contentious political debates from the early 19th century don’t have any relevance to modern American society.

Take for example the Old Republican opposition to “federally funded internal improvements.” We have virtually abandoned any opposition to such expenditures. Just look at the massive amount of federal cash the Congress just authorized for the “infrastructure” bill.

No one questions if this is constitutional, but it isn’t. Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Tyler and other “Old Republicans” would agree.

These men opposed such expenditures, in part, because they enriched the merchant class at the expense of the producing class.

Like Elon Musk.

Musk was a darling of the left during the Obama administration. In fact, Musk persuaded the general government to bail him out several times over the last decade. He is the richest man in America–perhaps the world–right now because of taxpayer dollars.

The same could be said for some of the industrialists of the late 19th century. Federal railroad subsidies fattened their wallets and led to some of the political corruption that plagued the period.

We haven’t learned that lesson, and probably never will.

In other words, we should have listened to John Taylor of Caroline.

The left is now on the warpath against Musk. They want some of their federal handouts back. Musk is a brilliant salesman and marketer who has benefited from the economic system the North thrust on the United States after the War in 1865.

That is the real result of the War. We miss that over all the hand-wringing on race.

I discuss Musk, the Old Republicans, and crony capitalism on episode 552 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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