Neil Young’s Cancel Culture

The Neil Young vs. Joe Rogan dust up is just another example in a long line of Yankee stupidity in American history.

No one really cares about Neil Young, but Young is the personification of the secular Puritan: my “city upon a hill” is being threatened by your words, so they must go.

Kenneth LaFave chalked this up to one of the baby boomer brats who never grew up.

It’s deeper than that. This type of cultural imperialism is ingrained deep in American society.

Young might be a 1960s hippie rocker, but his disdain for other views and propensity to cancel anything he doesn’t like runs deeper than the counter culture and “Peace, Love, Dope.”

You can find Neil Youngs in every State, including the South. That’s why Ronnie Van Zant insisted “a Southern man don’t need him around anyhow.”

Ralph Northam grew up on a Virginia farm and attended VMI. He had the option of being a real Southern gentleman, but he chose woke identity politics over his own traditions.

He’s a converted Yankee of the worst kind. You can excuse those who grew up with the Yankee mindset. Those who know better should do better.

The SPLC doesn’t think so, of course, and has applauded Virginia “leadership” for bowing to their brand of cancel culture.

This is why I constantly argue we need to be watching our own backyards. Paying too much attention to Joe Biden or Kamala Harris leaves the hen house open to the foxes.

They will eat your chickens long before the feds show up.

I discuss Young and Northam on episode 583 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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