Neocons and Afghanistan

I recorded episode 496 of The Brion McClanahan Show on Afghanistan over the weekend, before the events of Monday and Tuesday.

Before we had people getting run over by airplanes and falling off the sides of the aircraft at 5000 feet.

Before we had several laughable moments from the Biden administration asking the Taliban to have an “inclusive” government.

Before Joe Biden made a decent speech explaining why the United States needed to get out of the region.

Before social media pointed out that Ron Paul was right about the entire conflict twenty years ago.

Yet, it was after the neoconservatives wrote predictable drivel about needed to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely to prevent terrorist attacks on American soil.

Some might reject nation building, but they don’t reject endless American deployments around the globe. See Korea, Germany, Japan, etc.

Why not Afghanistan?

Of course, we shouldn’t be in Korea, Germany, Japan, or almost anywhere else, either.

Traditional American foreign policy is “America first.” Sadly, the Republican Party thinks “America first” means American boots on the ground in over a hundred countries. Democrats mostly agree.

Biden’s approval ratings have tanked in the last two weeks, and Afghanistan isn’t helping.

Some Republicans have floated impeachment over his handling of Afghanistan. They were mostly silent when Biden openly admitted he violated the Constitution

Americans deserve the government they endure.

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