No. Shut Up.

“Conservative” historian Allen Guelzo thinks he has an answer to the modern debate over American monuments.

First, anything that honors John C. Calhoun should not just be destroyed, it should be put on a rocket and launched into the sun.

Second, he has a five point test to determine if a monument is good or bad.

You can imagine how this is going to go. But before I get into it, let’s remember that Professor Guelzo has never met a Confederate monument he doesn’t want removed–or contextualized.

Many of these neocons have figured out that they are part of the problem, though they won’t admit it.

Their years long crusade to label Confederate leaders traitors and the Confederacy a “white supremacist” oligarchy–as compared to the North’s “white supremacist” dictatorship–has contributed to the modern Confederaphobia.

Guelzo’s problem is that he wakes up every morning, genuflects to St. Abraham and reads a selection of Lincoln’s speeches while meditating to the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Guelzo thinks that the woke social justice crusaders will sit down and follow his proposal for deciding if anything should be renamed.

I have my doubts.

In fact, I think the answer is obvious. When these whiny losers suggest a monument or other historic symbol needs to be renamed or removed, the adults should respond with three words:

“No. Shut up.”

It doesn’t matter the situation. “Robert E. Lee needs to come down.”

“No. Shut up.”

I can even get on board with this for Lincoln.

“Abraham Lincoln high school needs to be renamed.”

“No. Shut up.”

“The Washington Monument needs to be torn down.”

“No. Shut up.”

I could go on, but this would make the situation simple.

“Conservatives” like Guelzo don’t get it. They think that the left is going to listen to some type of reason. The left doesn’t care.

Why is why all the Calhoun bashing, Confederate hating, righteous cause and “founders aren’t racist” myth-making is just stupid.

A line has to be drawn, and not after you’ve given a mile. I said this in 2015. The answer then should have been, “No. Shut up.”

But because morons like Guelzo backed some of the initial efforts at purging “racist” America, the left took that as weakness.

Eventually, they took down anything they wanted. It won’t stop anytime soon, and Guelzo’s little effort is just a joke.

I explain in episode 439 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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