Oh, Canada!

The Brion McClanahan Show is international, and the largest number of listeners outside of the United States hail from Canada.

I told you I like to produce listener generated episodes, and when I received two requests from listeners North of the U.S. border, I thought it was the right time to feature a Canadian themed show.

Most people in the United States don’t realize that wokism is an international disease infecting just about every traditional society in the West, and in some cases Asia. Japan is being assaulted by the crazies.

So is Canada. A recent piece by Candice Malcolm highlights how these loons are attempting to take down every vestige of traditional Canadian society. They canceled the first Prime Minister, John MacDonald (this would be like cancelling George Washington), and have taken aim at everything that doesn’t fit their lunatic agenda, including “Canada Day.”

These people are insane. We used to put them in the coo coo’s nest but we now call their type of stupidity “normal.”

At the same time, Canada has some advantages over the United States due in large part to former Confederate Secretary of State Judah P. Benjamin. After the War, Benjamin fled to Great Britain where he became a barrister. He argued several cases dealing with Canadian dominion and as a result helped codify a decentralist interpretation of the Canadian constitution.

Secession is legal in Canada. Quebec almost pulled it off in 1995. Provincial leaders have vast powers and can essentially nullify federal orders.

This makes the “Great North” an interesting case study in Jeffersonian political thought.

I talk about both issues in Episode 465 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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