Perlman the Secessionist

D list celebrity Ron Perlman thinks its time for a divorce.

The actor recently had the epiphany that perhaps separation would be better than forcing other people to bend to his will.

This is the man who has consistently and viciously attacked anyone on the right on social media as being a Nazi or some other slogan or platitude he learned on Twitter.

Perlman is the poster boy for the unhinged leftist.

But at least he has finally seen the light.

The majority of Americans wouldn’t want to live around Ron Perlman, and if he doesn’t want to live around us, good.

It’s easier that way.

Perlman could join up with the CalExit movement and really take a stand. After all, they understand that the rest of the United States could boot them out of the Union if they wanted.

Texas v. White doesn’t stop it.

The only thing working against logical and peaceful secession is ignorance.

Too many Americans believe in the “Righteous Cause Myth” and the “indivisible nation.”

We’ve been taught that way since we were five.

But if Ron Perlman and Sarah Silverman can get it, so can other Americans with more brain cells.

I discuss Perlman and secession on episode 582 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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