Podcast Episode 150: Shut Up and Dribble?

Laura Ingraham created a stir a couple of weeks ago by suggesting that NBA superstar LeBron James leave politics alone and just “shut up and dribble.” James, other NBA players, and leftist talking heads in both the sports media and cable news pounced, calling her “racist” and demanding an apology. To her credit, Ingraham didn’t back down and instead asked James to come on her show. James refused and the issue died down. But this episode is a case example of several important developments in modern politics: 1. Who should be “allowed” to have political views; 2. What obligations come with citizenship; 3. The Left’s propensity to throw down the race card at all times, even if unwarranted; and 4. The necessity for education in the American polity. I discuss all of these points on this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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