Podcast Episode 171: State Independency?

A listener sent me an email the other day (I do read them) about an argument he had with his father-in-law concerning the meaning of union, the American political structure, and the founding period. Now, I don’t encourage listeners to get into heated debates with family due to my podcast, but I wanted to respond to his questions because this issue is at the heart of American federalism. I briefly responded that “your father-in-law is regurgitating the common argument of disagreement among the founding generation to show that there was never a consensus on the founding period. He is leaving out the clear evidence that the consensus emphasized the independent nature of the “States” (a conscious choice of term) and if you carefully read the NH declaration, it asserts that the Continental Congress would only be responsible for making war against the Empire but all internal affairs were to be handled by NH.” I get into more detail in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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