Podcast Episode 254: The 1619 Project and John C. Calhoun

The leftist 1619 Project is perhaps the worst piece of popular history to hit the market since Bill Oreilly’s “Legends and Lies,” and that was just a few months ago. This seems to be trend. Produce some idiotic drivel for your echo chamber to either sell books or sell newspapers. Except the progs don’t usually waste much time commenting on Bill Oreilly history and for good reason. It’s awful. They both share one thing in common, however: a disdain for the South and the Confederacy. In that way, they are two nationalists in a pod. The neoconservatives can’t help the left bash the South enough. Which brings me to a piece in The Federalist on the 1619 Project and John C. Calhoun. This thing has serious issues. I discuss the piece and the Project in this episode of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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