Blue State Secession?

You know you are winning when so called “Blue States” are talking about secession.

Case in point, CALEXIT or a host of other secessionist movements that popped up during the Trump administration.

It’s hard to determine if these are going to be lasting secession movements. Progressives typically love centralized power too much to give it up, but then again, so do neoconservatives.

Which is why Calhoun crafted the “concurrent majority,” but I digress.

The Nation published an article advocating “Blue State” secession this past week. That is Earth shattering. This, of course, follows closely on the heels of Richard Kreitner’s Break It Up. Kreitner is as progressive as you can get, and while his book contains some faulty history and is saturated with presentism, he still thinks secession is as American as the Confederate Flag.

He didn’t say that, but it is.

I’ve always thought if secession were to happen in America, it would have to come from the Blue States. They are free from the sins of racism and white supremacy, or at least that is what they think. If a Southern State tried to pull it off, it would instantly be classified as a racist move to enslave black people.

Of course, STATE secession may not be a viable options. As some of my listeners and readers have pointed out, blue counties and red counties prove to be problematic in States dominated by the other side. Perhaps David Hume’s ideal republic might be a worthwhile model. Maybe States are too large in 2021. Alabama has the same population as the entire United States in 1790. If States functioned well enough then, why can’t smaller counties function independently in 2021? This would take a monumental shift in thinking, but after seeing what has transpired in 2020, nothing is impossible.

Regardless, I applaud people across the political spectrum for thinking outside the box, particularly those that understand Washington D.C. is never the answer.

It doesn’t matter the issue, start thinking locally and acting locally. Forget the morons in the establishment class.

I discuss the Nation piece in Episode 404 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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