Robert E. Lee’s Loyalty

Today is Robert E. Lee’s birthday. Alabama and Mississippi still mark the occasion with a State holiday, both on the Monday of that week, which means it will always line up with the federal celebration of Martin Luther King.

This really vexes the Left.

Good. All Americans should recognize Lee and Jackson, two of the best men America has ever produced.

Even Northerners recognized this after the War, some many years after the War, but nevertheless, by the 1940s, you would find both men honored on calendars across the United States.

This wasn’t the result of some “Lost Cause” propaganda, but the careful consideration of open minded scholars and journalists in the reconciliation period, many of whom attended Ivy League schools.

How different from today when Ivy League professors are lining up to do everything they can to eradicate Lee’s image from American memory, or at the very least make sure it only has one label: traitor.

That is Allen Guelzo’s goal, the token “conservative” professor at Princeton.

This would be laughable if it wasn’t so stupid and sad.

Richard Gamble at Hillsdale College did a great job taking apart Guelzo’s book last month. Though I have already discusses Guelzo’s Lee, Gamble’s essay was too good to pass up for a podcast episode, episode 567 to be exact.

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