Rum, Ginger Cakes, and Elections

Did you end democracy today?

Yesterday I wrote that the founding generation may have reconsidered their support for “democracy” if they could see the current state of American politics.

But then again, maybe not.

In colonial Virginia, it was commonplace to provide potential voters with rum, beer, whiskey, ginger cakes, and other assorted goodies, perhaps even free lodging on the night before the election.

A good barbecue was always welcomed by voters.

Nothing like roasted pig and a draft beer to get you to vote.

And forget the secret ballot. You can to openly show your support.

The swill and pork was not only well received, it was expected.

When Little Jemmy Madison wanted to rein-in some of this election hootenanny, the voters turned him down.

The House of Burgesses booted him out for being too much of a prude.

George Washington’s papers include detailed receipts for food and grog on election day.

Maybe this would be better than the stupid “I Voted” sticker everyone runs around with today.

If your belly was fat and you stumbled from the polls, everyone knew you voted in 1758.

Election “fraud” was commonplace in American history. It still is. And just like in 1758, voters know it happens. The left isn’t even trying to hide it any longer.

“Broken” voting machines are now the rage at majority Democrat polling locations.

You have to find the votes you need to win. Don’t worry about those real voting results. They’ll find the votes they need once polling closes and ballots are taken to another location for “counting.”

The left will only concede when it’s clear they had no shot.

If most people knew how crooked American elections have been, they wouldn’t have so much faith in the power of voting.

I discuss “Rum, Ginger Cakes, and Elections” on Episode 734 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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