Searchin’ For a Rainbow

Perhaps anyone that follows Tom Woods knows that he is a fan of Jethro Tull, probably the biggest fan I have ever encountered (I only know two, so that probably isn’t saying much). Regardless, I thought it might be fun for some of the other faculty to let the LC public know what we like, listen to, read, watch, etc.

I am a fan of Southern rock. When I say that, people immediately think “Skynyrd!” Skynyrd is a great band and the most well-known of a group of bands that dominated the South in the mid-70’s, but there are many other talented bands that don’t have the same name recognition but deserve attention. The Marshall Tucker Band is one of those groups. Formed in Spartanburg, SC, the MTB featured one of the best guitar players of the 70s, the late Toy Caldwell, a recognizable vocalist, Doug Gray, and a superb mix of jazz, rock, blues, country, and “jam band” fun that made them a draw on the live scene. Their biggest hit was 1977’s “Heard It in a Love Song,” but “Can’t You See” from their 1973 debut album has been covered and recorded many times over. Like Jethro Tull and Lynyrd Skynyrd, no one in the band is named “Marshall Tucker.” A blind piano tuner had rented their studio space and the landlord had not changed the key, so they thought it sounded like a cool name for a band and it stuck. When I lived in Columbia, South Carolina, my roommate and I understood that the real Marshall Tucker lived in town, so we looked him up and found his number, but never called.

Anyway, below is a song from their debut album just that just rocks, “Bound and Determined.” If you like “jam bands,” you’ll love MTB. I also included this for those that like a horn section in a band. Doug Gray played flute, too. Perhaps we need a battle of the flute songs between Tull and MTB?


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