Secession 2.0?

Seven Oregon counties have voted to secede from the State and join a “Greater Idaho.”

One historian called this “Secession 2.0” on social media.

Not quite, but it’s a start. Of course, the people of Oregon should just elect a new government and start acting like they are independent. This would create a constitutional crisis, to be sure, and it would take A LOT of backbone to pull off, something most modern Americans seriously lack, but regardless, at least the some of the people of Oregon are thinking locally and acting locally.

They shouldn’t want to join another State. The ideal situation would be to form a new State, call it East Oregon or The State of Conestoga or something else, but forget about joining Idaho.

That would take three permissions. Going it alone would only take two.

It wouldn’t likely happen, but let’s say that the people of Conestoga could join forces with the people of Atlanta and the end result would be the admission of The State of Conestoga and the State of Atlanta. Thus, each State would get two Senators and the balance of power would remain. Georgia would lose some representatives (no big deal as the rest of the State almost always votes against Atlanta) but Conestoga would get at least one representative in Congress.

The real winner would be the people of each new State. They would be better represented in their smaller, more beautiful political worlds and would be free of the leftists or right wingers that keep each down.

I’m sure Atlanta would be a shining city upon a hill free from crime and poverty while Conestoga would soon be running back to Oregon and begging to be readmitted to the Beaver State.


More States equals more local government. Granted, Idaho has a better representative ratio than Oregon, but the people of the State of Conestoga would have even better control of their government.

Either way, it’s great that we’re talking about this issue in 2021. Thinking locally works, and the fact that more Americans are coming to the conclusion that big States don’t work, that the central government is the Titanic about to hit the iceberg, and that there are few lifeboats and we need to hop aboard gives me hope.

The founding generation provided the example. They all thought locally and acted locally. We need to remember their example.

I discuss Oregon secession in Episode 447 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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