She’s Just a Girl, Not a Politico

A year goes by fast when you’re having fun. It’s been almost one year to the day since I released Southern Scribblings.

I’m pleased to announce that my newest book, The Jeffersonian Tradition, is now ready for you to purchase, read, and digest.

Like Southern Scribblings, The Jeffersonian Tradition is a collection of essays aimed at the heart of the righteous cause myth. But this book explores the Jeffersonian tradition and its relevance to modern America in more detail.

We have to put forward a positive vision for what America could be and once was. Remember, for nearly eighty years, the Jeffersonian vision of America dominated. That was only supplanted by Lincoln’s “proposition nation” following a bloody and illegal war.

As I write on the back cover, “America needs more Thomas Jefferson and less Abraham Lincoln.”

I throw the usual barbs at the Lincolnites and provide a little “Southern Comfort” as well.

You need this book.

That said, don’t forget about my latest podcast episode, “Just a Girl Not a Politico.” You see, Gwen Stefani was recently attacked by the left for not being “woke” enough. Her crime? She won’t tell people if she’s a, gasp, Republican!

Who cares. Really. I don’t sit around thinking about the political leanings of celebrities, but some people are so obsessed with pop culture that they have to know if their heroes are heretics.

The dimwit who wrote the article doesn’t understand why Stefani doesn’t come clean. Either she’s woke or she isn’t, but more importantly to this shallow millennial, Stefani needs to drop the “punk” persona if she isn’t really punk.

Stefani is 51. Maybe she just grew up, unlike a lot of the dopes in the entertainment industry. Strutting around with pink hair does not work for middle aged people. Madonna makes that clear anytime you see her.

This article piggybacks off my episode from yesterday, “Yankee Revenge.” The woman who blasted Stefani is a Political Puritan and a ruthless cultural imperialist. You must assimilate with our diversity.

It is just example 456,789,123 of the “tolerant” hypocritical left and why they must be ridiculed and smashed every time they open their mouths.

I discuss Stefani and these Yankee Karens in Episode 452 of the Brion McClanahan Show.

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