Should “Constitution Day” be a “National Holiday”?

I missed “Constitution Day” last week.

It was on purpose.

It’s not that I don’t like the Constitution. I wrote a book on it, though I think Southerners wrote a better one in 1861.

I also think the proponents of the Constitution duped wavering ratifiers into believing that it would maintain the original federal republic.

It didn’t.

I have also argued it needs amendments, and that the general government and the federal courts have reduced it to a series of “clauses” that have no anchor to original meaning.

I also don’t think we should create a “national holiday” to celebrate the document.

“Conservatives” spend a lot of time applauding the Constitution. “If we could only go back to the way the Constitution used to be interpreted,” they say, “things would be better.”

That would mean we would have to skip over everything from 1789 to the present.

The general government destroyed the original Constitution with the 1789 Judiciary Act.

Notice the date. That was the First Congress.

Calhoun noted that the real problem in America wasn’t the presidency, though it could be excessive. No, it was the Congress.

Congress punts its responsibilities to every other branch including the Deep State, lovingly called the “bureaucracy” by the establishment.

Or maybe just non-essential employees.

They, of course, would call them essential.

Do you remember the last time the government “shut down”? I don’t either, because we never miss it, unless you try to walk in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The government shut down the sidewalk.

That kind of stupidity is driving people to our side. As I said yesterday, Trump and Biden have done more to de-legitimize the presidency than anyone in history, and the fact that millions of Americans just told the government to take a hike during the “pandemic” showed that Americans will stand up to tyranny.

They just have to be pushed.

This is precisely why we don’t need a national holiday in honor of the Constitution. Why would anyone celebrate the largest government in the history of the world, or the document that allows it to happen?

And why would we want a bunch of lunatic progressives teaching the Constitution to their students?

I don’t. Keep the Constitution in Philadelphia behind glass. It’s nice to talk about the document, and we should all know original intent, but unless we are willing to have a real discussion about unconstitutional federal power and a return to federalism, it’s better to just keep the document out of the public eye.

We haven’t followed it correctly since it was ratified.

I discuss the bad idea of a “national holiday” for the Constitution on episode 711 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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