Soccer Moms are Dangerous

Last week, our SCOUTS wannabe Attorney General instructed the FBI to investigate “dangerous” activity by school board moms.

You see, people are upset all over the United States about critical race theory and masking mandates for their kids.

This, coupled with an already meager return for our education dollars in many States across America, has parents challenging elected and appointed school board officials.

Some are scared. Others get pranked on live TV.

These moms (and dads) are a real example of thinking locally and acting locally.

Either way, the Biden administration knows this is trouble and wants to make the soccer mom a domestic terrorist.

To the totalitarians in our central government, any challenge to their unitary United State has to be met with legal violence, and trust me, if pseudo-SCOTUS Justice General Merrick Garland had his way, every “right wing” radical would be tossed in jail for speaking out against the ministry of truth.

And NEVER make fun of your overlords.

It also doesn’t help that his family is heavily invested financially in critical race theory.

Who says corruption doesn’t pay?

Garland’s stupidity would be laughed out of court in any society that really believed in democracy, but to the left, that only works when they are on the winning side.

If not, the federal judiciary will save the day, and that happens more often than not.

People don’t typically vote for woke stupidity, but the courts and the justice department make sure we have to take woke stupidity.

Some States have pushed back, but as long as we have petty tyrants in power, we will always see people like Attorney General Garland abuse it.

I discuss Garland and his new directive on episode 526 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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