Socialized Medicine is Here Already

CBS Evening News ran a story on 4 March 2009 about the problems American vets face with the inherent bureaucratic nightmares of big government. According to the story, which can be found here, many vets and their families face problems with benefits claims, and one Iraq vet stated he can’t wait to finish his MBA so he can “get real health care.”

Wait a minute.I thought the Obama administration and the centralizers in both political parties have been eulogizing the beauty of nationalized medicine. If American vets [Or for that matter anyone in the military; just ask military wives who receive spotty care for their children, at best] can’t get proper health care through the government, what makes anyone else think they will get “real” health care from a bloated federal monster? Do Americans have a brain? Can they connect two and two? If you want to see how bad things will get with socialized medicine, see where the government already runs health care in the United States. No need to look in Canada or Europe. We already have it here. Because CBS has a habit of attacking the military, they probably thought their assault on the Department of Veterans Affairs would be viewed as a hit piece on the Bush II legacy. Yet, they not only exposed the horrible collateral damage of a world empire, they exposed how bad things will be for American civilians once the government takes over. I hope no one gets sick.

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