The AP Prints Fake News

The unholy alliance between the modern historical establishment and the media is only slightly worse than that of the media and the progressive political establishment, but both have the same results.

America becomes less informed by the day.

Take for example a recent piece in the AP titled, “160 years later, Confederate constitution an ignoble relic.”

You would think from reading the article that Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee rose from the dead and that millions of “white Southerners” were forming militia units determined to re-institute the Confederate States of America.

Nothing is more powerful in the modern leftist imagination than the Confederate bogeyman. Forget Jason, Freddy Krueger, Pnhead, Michael Myers, or Leatherface. Nope. Just show these morons a Confederate flag and they run for the garlic pouch.

You see, the Confederacy is their horror film. Except if they were honest, all of American history would be their horror story. Some of these nincompoops are honest. Take the 1619 Project. They are, at the very least, consistent.

They are the enemy we can see. The real losers are the Straussian “conservatives” at places like Hillsdale College, National Review, and the Lincoln Project (or whatever is left of it).

These people don’t want you to think America is bad, just a few Americans like John C. Calhoun or the “white supremacists” who created the Confederate Constitution, a document that according to the AP enshrined slavery for eternity.

Except it didn’t, and besides, was James Madison or Thomas Jefferson less of a white supremacist than Robert Barnwell Rhett or William Lowndes Yancey? No, though the two Founding Fathers had a less “proslavery” view than either of the “fire-eaters” from South Carolina and Alabama respectively.

But all four believed in self-determination. That is the real American political tradition.

The AP story, however, exposes real American historical ignorance.

You would think that if you were going to write a story about the Confederate Constitution, you might read a few books on the document, not just a couple of pull quotes from one book and a phone call with a rabid leftist “expert” on Southern history.

You see, the Confederate Constitution is one of the most misunderstood documents in American history, and not for the reasons the AP states–most people don’t know it talks about slavery and “white supremacy”–but because it fixed some of the glaring problems with the United States Constitution.

The progressives can’t get past the the hockey mask and machete. If you fall asleep reading it, you will die.

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