The Greatest Threat to American “Democracy”?

I’ve written two books with “The Politically Incorrect Guide” in the title.

No one ever said I wouldn’t say something about delicate subjects.

Today’s topic is one of those.

Over the weekend, Lew Rockwell republished a piece by Jack Cashill from The American Thinker.

The topic? Educated Leftist Females are destroying America. He calls them ELFs. Funny.

This is not going to make any feminists happy. It shouldn’t because he took direct aim at their supposed moral superiority and intelligence.

But Cashill was really attacking emotivism, what Alasdair MacIntyre defined as, “the doctrine that all evaluative judgements and more specifically all moral judgements are nothing but expressions of preference, expressions of attitude or feeling, insofar as they are moral or evaluative in character.”

To put this simply, educated leftist females tend to ignore the real issues confronting them–crime, inflation, etc.–and instead focus on “moral” issues like racism and the oppressive patriarchy because they often vote with their heart and not their head. That, and they’ve been easily duped into becoming raging leftist activists by their leftist college and university professors in the “soft” areas like psychology and gender studies programs.

Reality does not often match what they think and how they vote because the bogeyman is so much easier to vote against.

And educated leftist females are the most important demographic for the Democrats. They are solidly Democratic, which is why the Democrats continue to pander to this group with platitudes and slogans and references to structural racism and sexism.

How do you feel is more important that what do you think.

I would argue that it’s not just ELFs that fall into this trap. Most leftist males suffer from the same problem. They are Victims who blame everyone else for their shortcomings and demand “equity” due to some fake crisis.

I would not argue that Americans were not racist in the 18th and 19th centuries. Heck, even well into the 20th, but to suggest that millions of Americans are held back because of a social bias today is just lunacy.

Just look at the way Americans idolize dozens of American minorities, from athletes, to political figures, to entrepreneurs and entertainers.

If racism was “structural,” then this would not be possible.

But an emotional appeal keeps the leftist activists voting for the faux crisis and often against their own interests.

For example, women are more susceptible to sexual assault then men, but less likely to be a victim of violent crime. Regardless, two lines of defense open to them are 1)firearm possession and training and 2) greater police presence. The left continually advocates against both measures because of “racism”, an emotional rather than logical charge.

Other issues like transgender athletes in women’s sports are a clear danger to “equity” in competition, but because of emotivsm, leftist women tend to avoid speaking out against it.

Cashill notes that not all women fall into this trap. Married women with children tend to be much more conservative, and not all college educated women are leftists. He is pointing to a specific group of college educated women, leftists.

That is a bigger problem than sex.

This piece made for great podcast material so I discuss it on Episode 701 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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