The Left Insists on “Civil War”

Don’t be fooled by your friendly neighborhood hippie. The left has always been the instigator in the culture war, and while they pretend they don’t know what’s stoking the flames of American angst, they fully know they are at the wheel.

They just project onto the other side.

This recent piece at Politico is a great example. Founding editor John Harris wonders aloud, “what exactly” are we fighting about?

On the surface, this would seem to be something like an olive branch. “You see, we are just trying to figure this out. Can’t we all get along?”

That sounds great until you learn that they don’t really want to get along. To Harris and his political theater friends on the left, the entire reason Americans are at odds is because of, you guessed it, the Deplorables.

Those Americans that voted for and supported Donald Trump.

If they just would shut up, do what the left says, and move along, everything would be alright.

We have a name for people like Harris: Yankees.

Yankees always blame the other side for everything. They are never at fault.

And more importantly, if the other side decides to leave, they badger you to stay so they can claim the moral high ground.

Harris may have just figured out that the sections in America really don’t like each other, but this has been the case since the 17th century. The Union only worked if we left most matters to local communities.

That is how it was sold to the people of the States in 1788.

Thank St. Abraham for the shift to a “national republic.”

We’ve never been the same since.

I discuss Harris’s article and his question “what exactly” are we fighting about on episode 568 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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