The Left’s Salami Tactics

With all the news about Russia and the Ukraine, people have briefly forgotten about the authoritarian tactics being used against peaceful protestors to our north.

They won’t once the convoy makes it to Washington D.C.

Of course, establishment conservatives hope that it doesn’t show up with any Confederate flags.

One man showed up at a rally in Canada with one and was quickly escorted out of the crowd. He was probably a plant. In fact, you couldn’t tell who it was because he was completely incognito.

But it offered the left the opportunity to use the person as an example of “hate” at these rallies.

Establishment conservatives didn’t bat an eyelash at the charges.

This made Paul Gottfried red-faced. He fired off an excellent piece at Chronicles Magazine describing how such tactics have been used by leftists for decades to divide and conquer. He calls them “Salami Tactics” and doesn’t understand how the right keeps falling for them.

He also doesn’t understand why the American right doesn’t have a backbone on Confederate symbols.

I agree. I understand it–the righteous cause Lincoln myth is a disease of the mind–but I also know “conservatives” aren’t going to defend anything that is really conservative in American society.

They can’t. Most are so infected with Lincolnian nationalism they can’t see the world through anything else.

Confederate flags are just an example of their mental malfunctions.

But Gottfried’s essay made great podcast material, so I discussed it on Episode 588 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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