The Left’s War on Culture

Let me welcome all of the recent subscribers from my appearance on the Chad Prather Show.

That episode corresponded nicely with my own episode of The Brion McClanahan Show today, “The Left’s War on Culture.”

I’ve talked about the Arlington National Cemetery Confederate Monument on both my show and through this email list, but Catesby Leigh ran a nice piece at The City Journal detailing the left’s assault on traditional American society through iconoclasm.

It’s not just Confederate monuments; they want to tear down Western civilization.

That’s the point.

We heard for years that Confederate monuments need to be in museums or cemeteries. Ok, that is until they are in museums and cemeteries and the left still wants them removed.

The answer from the beginning should have been, “No. Shut up.”

We missed that opportunity. You can’t compromise with people who want to destroy every traditional element of American society.

Some people have realized this, including Victor Davis Hanson, but they can’t seem to grasp that their own attacks on Confederate iconography and the South have helped get us to this point.

It’s why I’m so hard on the Straussians. They are worse than the left in some ways. You expect the left to attack you. You don’t need it from people who are supposed to espouse traditional American positions like self-determination, limited government, and decentralization.

Lincoln doesn’t fit that narrative.

I discuss Leigh on Episode 742 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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