The Lessons of War

The generals are gathering in their masses.

And the United States and NATO are sending tanks to Ukraine to fight the Russians.

31 from the United States to be exact. This stupid idea is the result of the stupid establishment.

It seems the establishment never learns the lessons of war.

Or maybe they know full well that we war helps them expand their power, and if you defend the 51st State, the Ukraine, then you have helped support the latest thing.

I can’t wait for the yard signs. The Ukrainian flag won’t be enough.

You’ll soon have to show your allegiance by buying more war bonds.

I chalk this up to World War II. You see, no one stopped Hitler, and because Putin in the new Hitler, we must do everything in our power to stop Adolph Putin.

Or maybe it’s the Vietnam syndrome. The United States has to win at all costs and never surrender.

I wonder how long it will take for Biden to show up on an aircraft carrier with “Mission Accomplished.”

He won’t be landing in a fighter plane, so it might have to be on dry land.

If we really heeded the lessons of war, the United States would steer clear of the Ukraine and would stop funding the conflict.

It would also heed the lessons of the founding generation and adopt a real “peace through strength” policy that centers on “American First” and non-intervention.

I would also add the Congress could slash the military budget and it wouldn’t matter much. Some Republicans showed a willingness to do this and were rebuffed by the neocon war hawks in the House.

You can’t fix their kind of stupid.

I discuss the real lessons of war on Episode 766 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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