The Real Goal of American Education

American conservatives seemed to be confused about the real goal of American education.

It isn’t to foster creative thinking or problem solving skills.

It isn’t to introduce students to the classics or a wide range of topics.

It’s to “educate,” and by educate, I mean “indoctrinate.”

That means having the “correct” opinion on every important subject. Nothing is safe.

You see, every subject in most American education institutions is “history.”

You don’t take “science.” You take the “history of science,” and in most instances this is loaded with references to a political agenda, like anthropocentric climate change or “pandemic” science.”

You don’t take mathematics. You take the “history of mathematics,” and that involves introducing students to obscure and virtually unimportant mathematicians who fit the woke agenda.

We all know history and civics are loaded courses, and that is where most conservatives focus their attention.

This is by design. The system is created to ensure that the next generation of Americans have little or no curiosity and are compliant little sheep who lack independence and the knowledge necessary to cause trouble for the ruling class.

It’s also been this way for a long time. Some men in the founding generation wanted to ensure that Americans received the “correct” opinions about government and society. That was the only way to continue the “revolution.”

Sure, some people can see through the stupidity, but most of these people also hold the “correct” views on just about everything. That is how they “network.”

You are the resistance, which is why you are reading this email.

But the next time someone complains that teachers are not properly educating their students, remember that they are doing exactly what American education is supposed to do. They are doing it correctly.

You just know it is wrong.

I discuss American education on episode 669 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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