The Red Ripple

For weeks, I was relatively skeptical about Republican chances for success in the 2022 election.

I blasted Oz and Hershel Walker as bad candidates and argued that the Grand Old Stupid Party would mess up a golden opportunity to gain control of the Congress.

Then I bought the polling numbers leading into November 8 and predicted that the Republicans would have a 54-46 seat majority in the Senate and win around 40 seats in the House.

That would have been a red wave. I should have known the Grand Old Stupid Party would mess it up.

They did.

The Republicans will still gain control of the House, which of course could lead to great political theater. They should be hell bent on political grandstanding like the Democrats over the last four years.

But when you trust Republicans to do the right thing, you’ll always be disappointed.

Just look at their “agenda,” the “Commitment to America”, a thinly veiled rip-off of 1994’s “Contract with America.”

It’s light on content and even lighter on trust.

How do I know this? The “Commitment” vows to end proxy voting, just like the “Contract” vowed to end proxy voting.

Fool me once, fool me twice….

This is why voting Republican at the “national” level will never get Americans anywhere. It’s also why I use “think locally, act locally.”

If you really want election reform, immigration reform, or any other real reform, it needs to happen at the State and local level.

We should be putting all of our energy into State and local elections. If we had real election laws in most States, the Democrats would be doomed.

That would be as simple as banning most mail-in voting.

State races should be more important than what happens in Washington.

If the past two years have proven anything, it’s that the States do have the power to stand up to the general government–and when you have real election laws, Republicans easily win.

Our messianic worship of “democracy” for the lowest common denominator (even Kamala Harris calls college students stupid) produces the dopey political class and the corruption in the center.

More decentralization means a better America.

I discuss the “red ripple” on Episode 737 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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