The Sovietization of American Life?

Every so often, Victor Davis Hanson writes a piece that gets a few things right.

Take for example his recent effort at American Greatness, “The Sovietization of American Life.”

Hanson describes the wholesale destruction of traditional American society as a byproduct of the Marxist drift of American culture over the last half century.

What he doesn’t get is that his hero Abraham Lincoln was partly responsible for this.

Consider that Hanson gleefully accepted the removal of Confederate symbols in 2015.

He also defended Sherman’s destructive plundering during his “March to the Sea.”

And he now wants to lecture about cancel culture and woke insanity.

This is why I continue to quibble with these “conservatives.” Their response to the stupid move to take down Confederate symbols in 2015 should have been, “No, shut up.” Just as it should be today.

You see, the modern American Left would not have it’s intellectual ammunition without Lincoln’s–and 19th century Republican–distortion of “all men are created equal.”

Hanson’s love affair with the proposition nation has led to an emasculated “conservative” opposition in America.

We all know, even the dopes on the Left, that no one is created equal to anyone else.

We also know that no culture or society is equal to another, and judging by history, no civilization has produced a greater good for humanity than the West.

It is also committing suicide as we speak, due in large part to its own success and the willingness of “conservatives” to buy into leftist dogma.

You can’t conserve anything if you are always moving the goal post.

I go back to Calhoun’s definition of “conservative.” He said he was a conservative because he was a “State’s Rights” man. Federalism, real decentralization, is the heart of American conservatism.

Hanson can’t seem to get it. He won’t until he drops the Lincolnian nationalism at the heart of his political philosophy.

Regardless, his essay made for good podcast fodder, so I discuss it on episode 649 of The Brion McClanahan Show.

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